Planting the Future in Association with Robin Tacchi Plants

Module 1

Pot Sizes

Pot sizes explained: this section covers guidance on the different pots sizes of commercially available landscape plants. Why particular pots sizes are used by nurseries and how this effects the growth of the finished plant. The recommended size of pot for particular plant groups and why. The growing medium – content and added benefits. Approximately 9 minutes running time.

Densities and Specifications

Selecting the right pot size for the project brief and design aspiration. How pot sizes dictate the size and specification of the finished plant . How to relate size and specification to the structure of landscape plants. How to Identifying good quality , robust plants and plants that are unacceptable. Pot and plant sizes in relation to planting densities and budgets.

Module 2


Featuring a selection of Spec21 varieties, guidance on pot size in relation to shrub size. How to identify the breaks in shrubs and the clues they give to the quality of horticultural care. Determining essential elements for a shrub to perform well in a landscape environment. What to look for and how to specify a good shrub against a poorly formed shrub and what to avoid.


In depth information on a range of recommended varieties of groundcover shrubs and perennials. What the characteristics are which makes a good groundcover plant and recommended pot sizes. Specifying different species and varieties for groundcover . Selected recommend varieties for different situations. Mulching and bark mulch.


Specifications for climbers. What to look for in a healthy robust climber Some recommended varieties and their characteristics. Cane and frame supports and their uses.


Guidance on pot sizes – advantages and disadvantages for perennials. Specifying perennials. Advice on what to look for in a healthy perennial in and out of season. Guidance on seasonal planting. Selected recommended perennials with new and improved varieties and their use. Budgetary suggestions and ideas.


Introducing grasses as a plant group. Characteristics and dynamic uses in plantings. Recommend pot sizes and densities. Specifications and identification of robust healthy grasses. Seasonal interest and basic maintenance. Cool and hot season grasses. In depth introduction to recommended varieties and advice on short lived grasses. Approximately 11 minutes running time.


Evergreen and deciduous ferns and recommended pot sizes. Specifications and identification of robust healthy ferns. Recommended varieties and their uses.