Planting the Future in Association with Robin Tacchi Plants

Plantingthefuture in association with Spec21 the guide annual subscription rates:

Spec21 the guide is available in full with Modules 1 and 2.

All subscription come with an optional COMPLIMENTARY POT PACK - samples of pots sizes from 9cm to 10 litres. Post and packing £6.00 + VAT

Launch date 8th January
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Subscription includes updates to the content of the guide and current web videos.

No. of company
Initial annual cost
- includes Module 1
Module 2
A 1 to 5 £145 £65
B 6 to 10 £175 £95
C 11 to 20 £215 £125
D 21-50 £275 £175
E 51 plus £350 £215
F College /school £560 £350

All prices are excluding VAT.

The number of overall viewings is limited by subscription type. Subscription is valid for 12 months unless the number of viewings is exceeded before that period. Subscription can be upgraded within the contract period – contact Gill on 01953 681312.

Updates to the content of the guide and current web videos are included in annual subscriptions. Further modules, web videos and new plant sections for the guide will require upgrade costs to subscription rate.

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plantingthefuture – trademark pending. All video and film footage and content copyright 2008 of robin tacchi plants. No unauthorised copies.

robin tacchi plants reserve the right to withdraw access if the number of subscription views are exceeded with the first 60 day period of the subscription.