Planting the Future in Association with Robin Tacchi Plants

About Planting the Future

plantingthefuture is a unique on line resource providing essential training and information for soft landscape plantings. We have used our expert plantsmen together with the experience and feedback of the hugely successful robin tacchi plants Workshop Seminars to produce these unique training and information web videos. For the inexperienced they are an essential tool. For the experienced, access to the latest trends.

Plantingthefuture 2008 in association with Spec21 offers you:

By sharing this essential knowledge and expertise, plantingthefuture aims to build the future and a successful lasting legacy for our landscapes.

Spec21 the guide is a practical and comprehensive manual to the best, most reliable commercial landscape varieties and where and how to use them.

The aim to continue to develop and up date plantingthefuture to encompass only more vital planting information.

In the present economic climate and with ever increasing pressure on budgets, accurate and time saving advice, information and skills are vital plantingthefuture 2008 in association with Spec21 provides this with

The web videos provide in-depth information and guidance on a wide range of contemporary plant groups The benefits of pot volumes are explained, plant habits and form, what to look for and how to identify a well structured, good quality landscape plant and what to avoid. Featured in all the plant groups are new and improved varieties recommendations on use and densities as well varieties that have invaluable proven track record.

Spec21 the guide provides detailed support material for identifying the best commercially available proven variety for its required purpose.

We are passionate about plants and the role they play in improving our environs. plantingthefuture will ensure that plants can be used with confidence and play a greater role in the landscape and provide a lasting legacy to the landscapes of the future.

‘The dynamism of plants and their role in the landscape has always fascinated me. Enhancing and beautifying man’s impact on the environment is of fundamental importance.’
Robin Tacchi

‘We would not hesitate to recommend robin tacchi plants as horticultural advisors, suppliers and contract grow specialists.’
Clive McDonnell Landscape Design

‘…anyone who is prepare to share their enthusiasm will leave RTP better informed and with their plant knowledge horizons broadened’
Arthur Amos Associates

‘We carry out many nursery inspections with professionals and they always return to their practices from robin tacchi plants with a greater knowledge on better performing, varieties and densities’
Aidan Lane - Frosts Landscapes

Workshop comments

‘The A L D team have come back inspired and enlightened on many topics associated with the plant supply and specification process’
Kym Jones - Applied Landscape Design

‘Like many practices our new young members of staff have yet to gain experience and knowledge of the use of plants in soft landscaping and the day at robin tacchi plants has proved invaluable’
Robert Townshend - Townshend Landscape Architects

‘A very interesting and elucidating day . We not only all enjoyed ourselves but learnt a great deal about the reality of choosing and specifying landscape plants.’
Robert Townshend - Townshend Landscape Architects

‘It is quite clear this won’t constrict our design ambitions, rather the reverse as we will have confidence that the effects we want to achieve, can be achieved and will last.’
Robert Townshend - Townshend Landscape Architects

‘Now more than ever soft landscaping takes on a greater importance both socially and environmentally.’
Tony Fry